Handwritten Lyrics

from Pitchshifter

Custom-order handwritten pitchshifter Lyrics by vocalist and songwriter J.S. Clayden. Written on individual sheets of writing paper in fountain pen, each piece contains unique elements (scribbles and all) and is embossed with a seal of authenticity from PSI Records.

The perfect unique framable gift for the hardcore Pitcherati.

Please indicate your song of choice from the below in the notes, failure to do so will mean that you'll receive a random song of J.S.'s choosing!

Lyric Otions:

* Please Sir
* Genius
* Microwaved
* Un-UK
* w.y.s.i.w.y.g
* Subject to Status
* Hidden Agenda

(Message us if you have a need that's not listed and we'll see if J.S. will create!)

Sold Out


Pitchshifter Nottingham, UK

Genre defying and agent provocateur'ing since 1989


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